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Turn to us for quality trunnion bar repair services.

Trunnion bar repair typically involves addressing issues with the suspension system in a truck, which may include damaged or worn-out trunnion bushings, trunnion brackets, or other related components. Trunnion bars are typically part of the suspension system in most heavy-duty trucks, and they play a critical role in providing stability and support.

Trunnion Bar Repair in Thomasville, North Carolina

During the trunnion bar repair process, we will start by carefully inspecting the trunnion bar and looking for bushings, brackets, and other parts showing signs of damage, wear and tear, or misalignment. We will also look for cracks and deformations that could be affecting the performance of your vehicle. Depending on the condition of the trunnion bar components, we may replace the different components, such as the brackets or bushings. If the trunnion bar itself is damaged, we can replace that, too.

At Carolina Axle Surgeons Inc., our goal is to become your go-to source for trunnion bar repair and all your other truck repair needs here in the Thomasville, North Carolina area. Working on heavy-duty trucks is what we do, and trunnion bar repair is one of the many repairs we can take care of, thanks to our decades of experience and expertise.

If you suspect that there’s a problem with your truck’s trunnion bar, bring it to us. We’ll take care of the issue right away so that you can get back on the road with a suspension system that’s working as it should. To learn more about our repair solutions or to make an appointment with our team, reach out to us today.

Trunnion Bar Repair