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Many trailers, especially those with multiple axles, have a component known as a “spider plate.” This central, spider-shaped plate connects the axles and is an essential part of a trailer’s suspension system. If the spider plate gets damaged or worn out, it may require repair or replacement to maintain the trailer’s structural integrity and the performance of the suspension.

Trailer Spider Repair in Thomasville, North Carolina

If you need trailer spider repair, you know that this process can’t wait. If your spider plate is in disrepair, your suspension could suffer, which could impact your truck’s ability to drive safely. Don’t risk your personal safety and the safety of others on the road. Instead, leave your trailer spider repair project to our team at Carolina Axle Surgeons Inc. Our skilled technicians provide high-quality repair services for trailers in the Thomasville, North Carolina area, and we’re well-known for our superior service, experience, and ability to efficiently tackle all kinds of repairs.

We don’t do any repairs without first fully assessing the system. We want to make certain that, when we do trailer spider repair, we fix the exact problem, and not a symptom of something else. After we fully and carefully inspect your system and ensure that your spider plate needs repairs, we’ll get to work taking care of the issue and restoring your trailer’s complete functionality.

The next time you need trailer spider repair, trust our professionals to make this process simple, easy, and efficient. Contact us today to learn more about our trailer spider repair services or to schedule an appointment.

Trailer Spider Repair