Drive Axle Repair

A burned out wheel bearing or bent spindle does not have to mean expensive repairs and days of down time.

Carolina Axle Surgeons®  will come to your facility and using our precision equipment, install a new spindle and/or seal surface in just a few hours.

All you have to do is remove the wheel, brake drum and spider/backing plate and we will do the rest.  (Note:  Do not remove the axle housing or other components from under the truck.)

Carolina Axle Surgeons replacement spindles for trucks and trailers are  inserted into the axle housing for a precision press fit and back welded.  The finished repair is as straight and as strong as new.

The patented Axle Surgeon process assures a quality, precision repair with “like new” strength and alignment.

And Carolina Axle Surgeons is fast!  The Axle Surgeon patented process will have your vehicle ready to go in just a few hours.

Get back on the road fast with a high quality, economical axle repair from Carolina Axle Surgeons.

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