Key Signs You Might Need Trunnion Bar Repair Services

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Trunnion bars are very important for ensuring safety and stability when pulling trailers. However, trunnion bars can wear out over time, just like any other mechanical part. This can cause several problems that can affect the safety and speed of your trucking operation.

Key Signs You Might Need Trunnion Bar Repair Services

Here are a few common signs that you may need trunnion bar repair services soon:

  • Uneven Distribution of Weight: When trunnion bars don’t spread the load evenly between the truck and the trailer, it can make it hard to control, wear down tires faster, and make stopping less effective. If you’ve noticed an issue with weight distribution or premature wear and tear, our team can assess your truck’s need for trunnion bar repair.
  • Corrosion and Rust: Corrosion and rust are regular problems, especially in places with harsh weather or where road salt is frequently used. Unfortunately, corrosion and rust can also make trunnion bars less stable, which makes them more likely to break down. You can thoroughly clean and check the trunnion bars on a regular basis, paying special attention to areas that are likely to rust, ensuring increased longevity and improved safety.
  • Strange Noises While Towing: Crunching or banging sounds during hauling could signal a need for trunnion bar repair. Ignoring these noises could cause more damage and even put people in danger. Contact our team right away if you hear something strange. We can assess the situation and see what’s needed.

These are only a few of the issues you might run into with trunnion bars. However, with our team by your side, we can figure out the cause of the issue and develop a plan for trunnion bar repair if needed.