Four Signs Your Truck Needs Spider Plate Repair

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Although it’s often overlooked, the spider plate is a vital component in your semi-truck’s wheel assembly. Since it’s the part attached to both your hub cap and your tire, keeping it in great condition is crucial.

Four Signs Your Truck Needs Spider Plate Repair

Our team at Carolina Axle Surgeons Inc. recommends looking out for these key signs that you might require spider plate repair services soon:

  1. Loose or misaligned wheels. The spider plate holds the entire wheel assembly together. If you notice your wheels seem loose or misaligned, it could be an issue with the spider plate. Misalignment can also cause irregular tire wear, a symptom that warrants an immediate check of your spider plate.
  2. Excessive vibration. While some vibrations are normal, excessive or unusual vibrations might be a sign that spider plate repair is needed. A change in your vehicle’s vibration could be due to a damaged spider plate causing an imbalance in the wheel assembly.
  3. Visible damage or corrosion. Regular visual inspections can help you catch problems early. If you can see any cracks, damage, or corrosion on your spider plate, it’s time to seek professional help. Keep in mind that even minor visible damage can result in significant problems if left unchecked.
  1. Poor vehicle handling. If you’re finding it difficult to steer your truck, or if it pulls to one side, a damaged spider plate could be the culprit. This is because a compromised spider plate can affect the alignment of the wheels, impacting your vehicle’s handling.

We understand the vital role that the spider plate plays in your vehicle’s safety and performance. When you come to us for spider plate repair services, we promise a prompt response, scheduling your appointment within 24 hours. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly assess the affected area, explain their findings, and, with your approval, begin the necessary repairs or replacement.